Why Should I Become a Franchisee?

As a member of Donut Connection, you will receive Features, Advantages and Benefits (FAB’s) that are some of the best in the QSR industry. Compare the following FAB’s with other similar QSR Franchisors and you’ll see that Donut Connection is the smart choice for successful business people who demand independence, but still need the benefits of a powerful cooperative.

No Royalties, Fees or Residuals

Other QSR Franchisors require that a portion of your total sales are returned to the corporate level, which are often between 5-6%, or more! Donut Connection has no weekly royalty or hidden fees, allowing you an additional 5-6% in profits. The Donut Connection Cooperative Corporation’s operating expenses are offset by charges and rebates paid by our suppliers and distributors and are based on sales made to members.

Buying Power of the World’s Best Ingredients

With over 150 stores and growing, Donut Connection is a buying cooperative that is able to contract with suppliers to attain virtually every raw material that your store uses at discounted rates.

A Powerful National Brand

As we explained earlier, your single DC store has the brand recognition of over 150 stores. We have invested thousands of dollars in building the Donut Connection trade name, so when you become a member you take advantage of our previous branding efforts while being able to enjoy the rewards.

Donut Connection is not a Manufacturer of Bulk Materials

Other franchisors produce and sell materials under their brand name and force their store owners to buy their brand. Not Donut Connection. We do require members to purchase materials from our authorized vendors, since this is the heart of our purchasing power as a buying cooperative, and a key to ensuring quality control.

Autonomy and Independence

While we certainly have required standards, you will never have a corporate executive show up at your store dictating to you how to run your business. If you want to try new flavors or products, or implement daily specials, we encourage you to do so! In fact, you have the freedom to set your own prices, after all it’s YOUR store!

Training, Operations Assistance & Expertise

We pride ourselves in our initial training and ongoing operational support. At times we find there are easier and more efficient ways of running a store and we will be available to instruct you how to make your shop run as smoothly as possible.

Packaging, Presentation, Marketing & Advertising

As we mentioned earlier, signage, paper products, packaging and menu board systems have been standardized and printed with the bright and cheery Donut Connection logo, and are ready for you to order as you open your store. In addition, seasonal and special product promotional materials are available for your in-store point-of-purchase efforts. Ad Slicks, Full Color Inserts with coupons and TV and Radio ads are also available for you to begin your individual marketing and advertising plans even before you open your store.

Minimal Start-up Investment

As compared to our competitors, our start up fees are very competitive. (see more under “Opportunity of a Lifetime”)

Architectural Prototypes

From stand-alone stores to attached strip mall locations, Donut Connection will assist you with store blue prints to use in designing a new store, making it easier to implement equipment layouts and interior & exterior color design coordination.

Camaraderie of Member Meetings

As a member of Donut Connection, you will enjoy the team atmosphere and spirit at our semi-annual weekend meetings, which are held in resort areas. Here, your input and exchange of new ideas with other store owners is crucial in developing new products and innovative ways of growing the co-op. After all, the co-op is owned by you and you control your own destiny!

Protected Areas

Our by-laws prohibit another DC member from opening a shop within a 2 mile radius of your store. However, the USA is so wide open for new Donut Connection store openings, that we do not anticipate a problem with store saturation.

No Ongoing Remodeling Requirements

Larger QSR Franchisors often require all of their stores to remodel every few years to conform with a new design, which often costs owners hundreds of thousands of dollars. Although we do have standards for store appearance, DC has no major ongoing remodeling requirements.

Ability to Economically Open New Stores

Once you own a Donut Connection store, you can open up other locations by buying 5 additional shares for the same low total price of $500 per store! Unheard of in the QSR industry, to say the least.

New Product Formulations & Innovations

We are constantly adding new products to our full line of menu items. Would you implement Pizza at a Donut shop? We did, and now have the best breakfast pizza on the planet. Innovation works and we strive to try new products whenever our market research looks favorable and profitable.

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