Raise Some Dough With Donut Connection

The people at Donut Connection have some great ideas for fund raisers. You can sell fresh, delicious donut to appreciative customers with a nice return profit. We have three ideas for your consideration.

Method 1

This method is the most widely used as it offers the highest possibility for your profit. Buy cards redeemable for one dozen donuts of the holder’s choice at any of our Donut Connection shops. (The location of those shops are listed on the cards.) The cost of the cards are usually discounted $1.00 per dozen less than the retail price in the shop. This allows you to sell the card at our retail price and make a $1.00 profit. Not a bad way for your members to raise funds!

This option is very easy for you in that all you handle are the cards: you have no more hoagies to make, cars to wash, or candy bars to carry around. A minimum order of 30 Cards is required. Unsold cards after the 30 minimum will be credited to your account. Cost per card is $6.49.

Method 2

Your group takes orders for specific numbers and varieties of donuts. Then you call us and arrange for a suitable date for us to make the donuts. (We need at least a week’s notice.) You then pick up the donuts and deliver them to the persons who ordered them. Unfortunately, we cannot give you as much of a discount or as much variety in selection as we can with the donut cards.

Method 3

You can sell donuts one by one before school or church or at club functions. Order a number of donuts by calling the store nearest you at least seven days in advance. Your price will vary depending on the size of the order and a minimum purchase of five dozen donuts will be required.

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Fund Raising