How to join the co-op in just six easy steps!

1. Review and Explore other Franchise Opportunities:
• What are the Start-Up Fees?
• Does the Franchise have a Great Product?
• Does the Franchise charge Weekly Royalty Fees?
• Donut Connection does not charge Weekly Royalty Fees!

2. Complete the Donut Connection Membership Information Request.
This is not an offering of a membership, is not obligatory in any way and does not constitute an agreement between you and Donut Connection. Application can be made only through a completed Membership Agreement.

3. A Donut Connection Representative will call to answer all of your questions and discuss availability in your area.

4. If qualified, Donut Connection will send an Offering Circular and Membership Agreement.

5. Upon receiving the Offering Circular and Membership Agreement, complete the Receipt (not the agreement) and send back to Donut Connection.

6. After 10 days, a Donut Connection representative will call or visit you to discuss the membership agreement.

Welcome Aboard!

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